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Karen is nothing more than your average and not-so-average Latinx- indigenous 20-something year old brown girl who stumbled, rolled, and straight up took a dive into rock bottom only to find and come to terms that maybe(cheese alert) all that was for a reason.

At one point a self proclaimed non activist, non radical, white washed, “normal” person, who didn’t want to ruffle any feathers, offend anyone, or stir the pot…. However coming face to face with a community who mirrored and reflected her insecurities and trauma of discrimination as she herself experienced when she was younger, she found the courage with a ton of support from friends to start a non profit serving the migrant indigenous populations of the Central Coast. (Get Out Stay Out/ Vamos Afuera)

And then even more accidentally the unintentional slip into the amazing community that is the social media world. NatureChola came to be a small but mighty platform in where Karen speaks on a variety of social and environmental justice issues. From accessibility to #fakevanlife to the realities and unrealities of being a POC (person of color) with a pinky toe in the outdoor industry. NatureChola stands for the paradox that has been her own experience in the outdoors, being a both badass and also a woman of color. Supported and encouraged to speak her truth through personal storytelling, the platform NatureChola was born. Navigating this space truly is a privilege. All of this is to say that she is still learning every day, and failing, and learning, and failing again.


Well, at age 23 Karen was academically dismissed from a university and vowed that she was too “dumb” for school and that she would never return to academia… Now at age 26 Karen is currently a full time student at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo University, with an adult day job crunching numbers for a local architecture firm. On her limited free time she can be found searching for excitement in the very mundane tasks of adult life, pulling her very stubborn very cute dog along on a trail, pretending to know what she is doing on a mountain bike, taking all the inspiration from the youth at GET OUT STAY OUT or playing hooky from class/work for some sleepless weekend adventures (on a rare occasion she will pop up on your Tinder feed where you are highly encouraged to swipe right if that is the kinda thing you’re into;)).


As disclaimer although many of the contents of this blog are light hearted, playful and downright silly sometimes.. be warned that some of the conversations are not for the faint of heart. They will make you uncomfortable, angry, inspired, sad, and a range of emotions that maybe a blog normally wouldn’t. Either way I appreciate you stopping by whatever the reason may be, stalkerish intentions, curiosity, chisme, article writing, other more popular funnier bloggers referring you over, I hope you find what you are looking for and I am so glad you’re here!